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About chaatit

chaatit literally meaning 'lick it' or in a broader context, 'finger licking food' is specially designed fast food for Mumbaikars traveling, working or just chilling out. The essence here is of taste which has now spread across the country. And now it has arrived in the UK, 'straight from the streets of Mumbai', to challenge your taste buds.  


It is often assumed that if you are a vegetarian then you have limited options to eat. India is a country where majority of the population is vegetarian. The variety of options is infinite and still growing. The masala used in various dishes is different in every way and therefore no one dish is the same. Indians often adopt dishes from different cultures and give it their own identity by adding certain masala by tempering or infusion. This provides quick and tasty meal for all to consume.


Like you, we too are passionate about food. So much so that we love making it for you and serving it to your masalaness. We aim to provide you with authentic Indian street food that you are missing out on. Our food has a delightful surprise which infrequently bewilders you in thinking, 'what makes it so tasty' or just simply 'hmm'.


There are no etiquettes in eating street food. So just be yourself and try our fabulous culinary street food which immediately takes you to the streets of India.

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